Dial-up Internet

Initial Connection Charge: $8.95

Dial Up Pro I Unlimited Monthly usage  $16.95 per month

Dial up Casual Limited usage (10 Hrs)  $8.95 per month

Internet Filtering (optional): For limited access to certain Internet content. Internet users deserve a safe environment to work. They deserve the best the Internet has to offer without distractions that undermine their goals.  A filtering system called 8E6 is available to all internet subscribers.

8E6′s developer’s staff examines thousands of Internet sites daily. They then add objectionable sites to the 8E6 list of blocked Web pages, currently totaling in the hundreds of thousands, the largest filtered database available today. They can even block selected portions of sites that are otherwise acceptable.  Contact the telephone office for set-up and details.

Initial Connection Charge $6.00 and $2.95 per month


LaValle Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
108 West Main
P.O. Box 28
LaValle, WI 53941
Voice: (608) 985-7201
Fax: (608) 985-8080