Cooperative Advantage

The LaValle Telephone Cooperative
Customer owned, customer governed, customer benefits!

Rural telephone cooperatives were established to provide service in sparsely populated areas where telephone companies thought they couldn’t make a profit. They are operated by boards of directors elected by local members (customers).

Capital credits – Your stake in the cooperative

Capital credits are one of many advantages to belonging to a cooperative. Any surplus beyond the cooperative’s limited return on investment and the costs of operating the business are returned to members in proportion to their spending (patronage) on services or products, including. . . Local and/or long distance calling , voice mail, optional calling features like caller ID, Internet – dial-up and DSL and Digital TV to name only a few. The more business a member does with the cooperative, the greater the refund at the end of any year. For example, when you choose our new digital TV service over satellite or dish TV you benefit by receiving more patronage – something you will not get from other providers.

LaValle Telephone Cooperative pays its capital credits to members in the fall of each year, provided the company has a surplus after capital investments and expenses. The credits paid out in any given year are based on the surplus – if there was one – 10 years before.

Please review our capital credit cycle:

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