LTC History

LaValle Telephone Cooperative’s History

On February 20, 1956, a meeting was held at the LaValle Telephone Cooperative’s business office. Purpose of this meeting was to adopt the Articles of Incorporation and the By-Laws. Both of these were adopted and a resolution to make an application for Rural Electrification Administration funds was also adopted.

On February 27, 1956, a Special Meeting was held by the LaValle Telephone Company. Ray Gibbons was appointed as Manager and Fred Bischof was appointed to act as bookkeeper for the month of March.

On March 20, 1956, the first meeting of the incorporators and members of the LaValle Telephone Cooperative was held. Ray Gibbons then stated the “articles of Incorporation” of this Cooperative, executed in triplicate and acknowledged by the incorporators in the presence of a notary public, had been filed in duplicate with the Secretary of the State on the 26th day of March, 1956. The election of a Board of Directors was taken to replace the temporary Board. The members of the first Board were:

Clinton Doering ¦ Fred Bischof ¦ Glen Apple

     Ray Gibbons ¦ Spencer Smith ¦ Harvey  McWilliams

 Herman Zietlow ¦ Herman Schumacker ¦ Volney Duddleston

On May 15, 1956, A Special Meeting of LaValle Telephone Company resolved that LaValle Telephone Company agrees to sell to LaValle Telephone Cooperative for a sum of $17,000.00

A Special Meeting of the Members of the LaValle Telephone Cooperative was held on September 13, 1956 to conduct business to authorize the borrowing from REA and the authorization of the mortgaging of property now acquired by the Cooperative.

A Special Board Meeting was also held September 13, 1956 to set amount of funds to be released for construction based on a projected 438 subscribers within five years with membership fees set at $23.50. Also to advertise for a Manager.

Board Meeting of October 31, 1956 authorize the execution of an agreement providing for the purchase by the Cooperative of the LaValle Telephone Company for the sum of $17,000.00 and authorize the proper officers of the cooperative to execute all contracts to do all acts deemed necessary to effectuate the purchase.

January 14, 1957 the Board discussed the possible divisions of the territory and individuals from each area were suggested by various members of the Board for possible nominations for the vacancies on the Board of Directors. Also the Board acted upon the application for Manager and to accept into membership, all individuals who had paid up memberships and whose application was on file.

The first Annual Meeting of the LaValle Telephone Cooperative was held on February 23, 1957 at 2:00 PM. All requirements of the Secretary of State had been fulfilled and approved. A discussion was held regarding the election of directors, consequently, and election was held to fill the vacancies of the directors who held office for one year, and elected to 3 year terms. No Manager yet so Board appointed the President as coordinator until one was hired, at $1.30 per hour plus 5 cents mileage. Office Clerk got $1.00 per hour. Directors got $3.00/diem. Lineman earned $300.00 per month and 7 ½ cents per mile for use of his vehicle until a company vehicle was purchased. Roll call by the Secretary stated 63 members were present in person.

March 29, 1957 Special Meeting – Resolution adopted to employ Mr. Reuben Kingery to procure easements, the salary to be $1.30 per hour with 7 cents per mile travel. Also Resolved that an agreement with Mr. V.A. Duddleston fro rental of premises for an office at $8.00 per month be signed.

May 2, 1957 Special Meeting – Resolved to accept terms of an agreement with Wisconsin Power & Light for space rent of poles at the rate of 75 cents per pole annually for 5 years.

May 23, 1957 Board of Directors Meeting – Resolved to accept bid of $20,817.63 from Kellogg Switchboard and Supply Company for furnishing and installing Central Office Equipment.

Harvey was appointed to a one year term in 1955. He was nominated at the first members meeting 3/20/56 and voted in to serve a one year term. Feb. 23, 1957. Harvey was elected to a 3 year term

Harvey McWilliams was elected to serve as Board Secretary on February 27, 1957, and served in that position until he stepped down on June 19, 1996. He continues to be a board member.

LaValle converted to dial operation in 1958 on an eight party rural basis. Cazenovia in 1963.

In 1967 LaValle Telephone received a government loan to build the headquarters, reinforce the system to all one party and provide for Lake Redstone development. After delays in loan processing, LaValle converted to one party in 1972 and Cazenovia in 1974.

A 1970 loan provided for Cazenovia upgrading and development of Dutch Hollow

LaValle Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
108 West Main
P.O. Box 28
LaValle, WI 53941
Voice: (608) 985-7201
Fax: (608) 985-8080