Video Trouble Shooting

If your remote control is programmed to operate your television, then turn your television on as follows:

1. Press the remote TV button and then press the power button. Be sure the television itself is on the assigned input.

2. If your STB is off, press the STB, PVR, or VOD button (depending on which button you have on your remote control). Then press the power button to turn the STB on.

Trouble Shooting Problems
Problem: Snowy picture or no picture.

1. Check to see if you have inadvertently turned the television or video box off.

2. Check to see if you changed the input channel for the video from channel 3 (or 4), or your assigned audio/video input.

(a) If you use two remote controls to control your TV and Video service, use the remote control that came with your television to change the channel back to 3 (or 4) or press the INPUT button for the proper input connection to your television from your set top box. Press the down arrow channel button until you find your proper channel to bring back the picture.

(b) If you use one remote control for the television and the ADB brand video set top box, select the TV button and then press the AV button to change the input selection on your remote control.

Problem: No picture, lost picture, or fading picture after you have checked for the correct channel.

1. Check the Modem/Router (the dark gray box with blue on the front) to see that the ADSL link light is solid green. (see fig. 1)

2. If the light is not solid green (while leaving the television turned on), turn the modem off using the toggle switch on the back of the box. Leave it off for at least 10 seconds. Turn it back on.

3. When the ADSL light is solid green, your picture should return.

Problem: After resetting the Modem/Router, the picture and/or audio does not improve or come back.

1. Unplug the AC from the back of the set top box, (see fig. 2, or 3) and wait 5 seconds.

2. Plug the unit back in. With ADB set top boxes, the blue/black screen will be followed by a series of blue dots.

3. NOTE: Your screen will go black for 60 seconds during this process. Do not press any buttons during this time. When the screen message returns, it will say Loading Resources. The video should return after that.

Problem: Only certain channels come in when using the up and down arrows to scroll the channels.

1. You are likely on Favorites, which is your selected group of channels.

2. Push the GUIDE button. (It’s called ACTION on the ADB remote). You will see file folder tabs for All, Favorites, and Subscribed as you push the button again. Choose All.

     Figure 1:
ADSL Modem/

      Figure 2:
ABD 5810 DVR
Digital TV Set
top box

Figure 3:
ABD 3800W
Digital TV Set
top box

If you have tried each of the above steps and you still do not have a picture or audio or are still having trouble, please contact LaValle Telephone Cooperative at 608-985-7201 or after hours 955-HELP or 1-866-334-8664.

For closed caption concerns  fax to 608-985-8080 or email .  For immediate concerns, you may reach us using the above contact information.  Further complaints about closed captioning issues may be addressed to Bradley Welp, General Manager, phone 608-985-7201, or the complaint may be mailed to P.O. Box 28, LaValle, WI 53941.


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