Computer Protection

Now there’s help with SecureIT Plus.

SecureIT Plus provides the only fully automated and guaranteed computer protection service, designed for your home or small business.
No more wasting your time trying to pick the right products, installing and updating them yourself, and keeping up with the increasing number of Internet threats.

For your security… • Managed virus protection • Microsoft patch management • Spyware threat detection & removal • Hard drive optimization & maintenance • Internet Explorer pop-up & ad blocking • Personal firewall protection • Parental control & content filtering

For your peace of mind… • Free LIVE technical support • Guaranteed protection • Supported remote installation • Monthly e-mail summary & online reporting

With SecureIT Plus, you’ll never have to think about Internet security again!

Only $4.95 /month!

Fresh Start, a supported remote install by SecureIT technicians, is available for a one time fee of $34.95


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