Long Distance

Enjoy easy to use and cost effective long distance service from LTC.   You’ll find competitive rates for outbound and inbound intrastate, interstate and international calling based on your monthly usage and term of commitment with us.
Maximize your telecommunications budget by choosing one of our combined local, long distance, Internet and Digital TV packages and you’ll get our best long distance rates OR Free Long Distance!*  See Digital TV tab.
* **Reasonable Use Policy: Unlimited Long Distance is intended primarily for the social or domestic use of our residential customers. It is not intended to be used for business activity such as commercial facsimile, resale, three way calling, telemarketing, prolonged dial up connections or autodialing.  Usage that greatly exceeds the typical use of our customer base will be considered excessive.  The Cooperative reserves the right to suspend, restrict or cancel the Customer’s use, subject to applicable notice requirements.

LaValle Long Distance (Residential) FREE WITH MOST VOICE PACKAGES
Basic Package 13¢ per minute
Super Saver 10¢ per minute and $4.95 a month
Bucket O’ Minutes 125 minutes for $8.99 a month
minutes in excess of 125 are billed at 11¢ per minute

800/888/877/866 (Toll Free) Numbers
No monthly charge, no setup fee for non-vanity number. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


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